Our Program

Three-Year-Old Program

You can register your child for our Three-Year-Old Program when they turn two years old. Be sure to register early. A holding deposit of $20 is charged to secure you child’s registration.

You will be notified in June/July if your child has been accepted for the following year.

Contact enrolments@elthamsouthpreschool.org.au for more information.

Four-Year-Old Program

Applications for our Four-Year-Old Program are managed by Nillumbik Council. Application forms can be downloaded from www.nillumbik.vic.gov.au/preschools or an online application and fee payment can be made at www.nillumbik.vic.gov.au/preschoolapplicationform.

You may register your child for Four-Year-Old Preschool from the first business day of March, two years prior to when they are eligible to attend. Children are eligible to attend preschool if they have turned four by the end of April that year.


Fees for our Three and Four-Year-Old Programs are due before the start of each term. NB. Term 1 fees are paid at the AGM in the previous year.

Four-Year-Old Preschool is subsidised by a government grant per child, Three Year Old Preschool is unfunded.

You may be eligible for a rebate on childcare payments through the Family Assistance Office. For more information contact your Centrelink office or phone Family Assistance on 13 61 50.

Holders of a Health Care Card or Pension Card are eligible for an additional Government Subsidy. If you have one of these cards, please let the staff or Enrolment Officer know so that your fees can be altered accordingly. In addition, Preschool fees can also be included in calculations for the Childcare Cash Rebate. Please notify the Enrolment Officer if you require a special receipt for this purpose.

For families having trouble paying fees, we can arrange a payment plan. If you would like a private and confidential conversation about fees, please speak to our Enrolment Officer.

The staff are not responsible for handling any money at kindergarten. When money is paid, the preference is for payment via internet banking to the preschool’s account.  If you are paying with cash, please place into an envelope with the child’s name, group and purpose clearly marked on the front, and hand to a member of staff to mark as received and place into the locked pine box inside the kinder room. There is a book next to the pine box in which we ask you write the details of the money you have placed inside. Money is banked every day, thus not kept on the premises over night.

Preschool Policy Documents

Our policy folder is available to parents at all times. You are encouraged to familiarise yourself with all policies. Any queries regarding the Preschool’s policy documents can be directed to the staff or a Committee Member.

Statement of Policy

Eltham South Preschool Association Incorporated is established to meet the needs of children in their Preschool life. The Association employs professionally qualified teaching staff, who continually update their professional skills to ensure the program incorporates leading edge thinking.

The day-to-day running of the centre is the responsibility of our teaching staff. They have the authority from the Management Committee to conduct the centre and run a program to suit the children’s needs and development.

A full and comprehensive set of the Centre’s Policies is available to all parents for perusal. (The Committee of Management advises that all policies are subject to change.) Upon enrolment and payment of fees, all parents will agree to abide by the policies of Eltham South Preschool. The policies are as follows:

Privacy Policy

From 1st September, 2002, all organisations providing services funded by government departments, must comply with the Information Privacy Act, Victoria [2000]. This Act has established a regime for the responsible collection and handling of personal information.

We will only collect the information we need, and for which we have a purpose that is legitimate and related to one of our functions or obligations. Please see our privacy statement for further details.

Collection of Personal Information

At the beginning of the year, you will complete a variety of documents requiring personal information, such as parent contact details, emergency contact numbers, your child’s immunisation details, your child’s health issues etc. This information will be kept securely on the premises and will not be disclosed to other parties in a manner contrary to our Privacy Policy, without specific consent or as required by law.

Use of Personal Information

In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we like to distribute non-confidential information, solely for use within the Preschool community. For example:

  • an emergency phone tree
  • friendship list with phone numbers

Arrival and Departure

Each time you bring and collect your child, you are required (in accordance with government regulations and to ensure safety of all children) to sign the attendance book, noting the arrival and departure time and who is to collect the child. On occasions it may be necessary to authorise another person to collect your child. This person/s must be recorded on your enrolment form and can be added to anytime throughout the year. Staff are not permitted to allow a child to go with anyone other than their parent/guardian, unless written authorisation has been provided.

On arrival, please sign the “sign-in” book near the door, and then come inside with your child so that staff can greet you both. Over the year, the children will learn to come in and hang their bag on the hook by themselves, but may need help to begin with.

At home time (which is always just after our story time), the children will be asked to remain sitting with staff until directed to the adult collecting them. This is an important safety routine as well as being a point of “finishing” the session.

Notices / Information / Newsletters

At Eltham South Preschool, we have several ways of accessing information:

  • The “Sign In Desk” will have the sign in book, along with program book, and reflections on learning and activities each week.
  • A “Community Notice Board” is next to the front door for local events, interesting social/community items of interest.
  • Every month or so there will be a newsletter for parents to keep you up to date with all the happenings at kinder. Sometimes it will be information about upcoming events, often it will have interesting information about children, ideas, what we have been doing lately, the program etc. This newsletter and other notes will be sent by email or paper copies available by the sign in desk.

The fees are due before the start of each term, ie. at the end of the previous term. NB. Term 1 fees are paid at the AGM in the previous year.

If parents are experiencing financial hardship and therefore are having difficulty paying the fees, please feel free to discuss the situation with the staff or the Enrolment Officer. (All discussions with regard to fees are private and confidential.)

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